The deposition transcript of ASA Michelle Boutros has been posted in State v. Jamell Demons. The dueling Brady Notices issue, which has been covered thoroughly in the mainstream press, has been dubbed by some as “Bradygate” in the JAABLOG comments section, so we’re sure Boutros’ testimony will be of great interest here …

Motion To Dismiss For Government And Prosecutorial Misconduct


Miami Herald: YNW Melly’s lawyers want to remove the Broward prosecutors’ office from case. But why? (10/2/23)

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      Read it.
      Looks like a whole lot of nothing:

      So, apparently as cop was serving search warrant on Def’s mom to take her phone, the mom acted all uppity/defiant – so she got smacked around a bit for her disrespectful attitude, and Boutros was there to witness it.

      How does ANY of that hafta do w the Def and the drive-by shooting he be on trial fo’?

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          Yeah, puta, America is mostly White, and whites don’t like when people misbehave.

          Don’t like it? Take a boat back to Africa, bitch.

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    Damn so if Boutros hadn’t come forward and he was found guilty he could have gotten death. Damn. That’s some scary shit. How many other Brady notices has that office hid from the defense?

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    Where is Scott Raft? This is the most egregious prosecutorial misconduct that has been exposed at that scummy office. Is Christine Bradly still employed? Where is the Florida bar? What is happening in Broward County. governor needs to get involved.

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        What a mutt he was there wasn’t a defendant that he didn’t want the max sentence. No prosecutorial discretion. Guidelines say this that our offer. Kicked his every time in head to head battles. Glad he retired

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        Where’s Reverend Jones? I won a case against him few years ago: my elder client croaked! Showed him a death certificate to his chagrin. Destry took the bench & Jones jokingly announced ready or something in jest & Destry didn’t get it for a minute. Chuckles.

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      Just like Raft, the Bar routinely dismisses complaints of this misconduct. When Raft is openly outed as part of a false conviction based on SAO known perjured testimony and tell the court to ignore it and they Obey–this is SOP for Broward. The 4th simply PCA these omissions and failures to correct the Bar also refuses to investigate. The more serious and egregious the misconduct and criminal misconduct, the less likely any investigation will occur.

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    Adelstein should get your Broward Glunkin trial award. He’s one of our South of the Border guys. But there’s nobody better.

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    How about if this is Ana Gardiner 2.0? If I were a betting person, I would say that there will be eventually thousands of text messages between the detective and the prosecutor. And oh, let me guess they’re both going through really hard times in their marriages, but they’re fucking each other. And if one of them destroys someone else’s marriage and runs off with their defense attorney, it should be double or nothing. If I were a betting person 😂😂😂

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      Sounds like the marriage was already destroyed. If you’re happy at home you don’t look elewhere. It’s really funny how some people keep themselves like slobs, do nothing in the bedroom then think they played no part of their marriage falling apart.

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