Brenda v. Blog is once again front page news.

But the complaint, which was received by the Bar in October, 2018, has yet to be noticed as having been submitted to a Grievance Committee (GC). Similarly, the Motion To Quash Subpoena regarding the Bar’s fishing expedition for IP Addresses they have no legal right to, filed with bar prosecutor Frances Brown-Lewis on May 6, 2019, has yet to be noticed as addressed by the Bar through either a GC or a judge in open court. The Bar, of course, is the only entity that can forward it for public hearing, something pro bono warrior John Howes has been asking for for the longest time.

By comparison, nasty-tweeting, gas mask wearing Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, whose district is just a couple of hours from the Bar’s home base in Republican controlled Tallahassee, had his free speech bar complaint sent to a GC a mere 68 days after the file was opened, and it was dismissed with a finding of no probable cause after a grand total of 170 days.

Jay Spechler’s JAABLOG based complaint was opened on August 23, 2018, sent to a GC 191 days later, with the Bar approved consent judgement sent for Supreme Court approval roughly 501 days from the opening of the file.

As of today, Brenda v. Blog is 497 days old, with zero notice of any GC action!

Accordingly, the following PRR was sent to the Bar today, out of concerns the Bar is playing politics:

Is the Florida Bar specifically aiding and abetting Brenda Forman’s reelection campaign, or wishing not to impact said campaign pro or con, by not pursuing the JAABLOG case in normal course due to the fact it is a case of public interest, and will be litigated in open court with continued media coverage that will likely continue to put Forman in a bad light? 

 Is there any reason why the Motion to Quash Subpoena has not been addressed in open court?  Is the Bar going to sit on all pending matters until after the August election for Brenda Forman?

As you may be aware, the Forman/JAABLOG matters are today once again on the front page of the Sun Sentinel, and there are serious concerns the Bar, given the complaint is roughly seventeen months old and apparently not before a grievance committee or certainly a judge in open court, is purposely putting this off to not cause further adverse publicity for the complainant, who is seeking reelection.

The Bar declined comment, citing confidentiality rules found in section 3-7.1, which is why we’re asking for YOU TO MAKE THE CALL!

Is the Bar playing politics by sitting on Brenda v. Blog to preclude further negative media coverage for Brenda’s reelection campaign?

Should there be a speedy trial option in Bar matters?

Or is the Bar simply saving face by not acting given the strength of John Howes’ tutorial on first amendment law, and the Bar’s own precedents relating to JAABLOG?


COMING SOONWho was/is Brenda Jenkins?; Bill Scherer and Marni Bryson set for depo …

58 thoughts on “YOU MAKE THE CALL!”

  1. 10


    Anything resulting in more scrutiny of Clerk Forman is a good thing. They should shit or get off the pot.

  2. 14


    Bar could also be waiting to see if she loses in August. Then they can dump it without fear of having to placate a sitting Constitutional Officer. That wouldn’t surprise anyone. They’re scared of their own shadows.

  3. 5


    This kind of thing almost makes me want to take the trouble to vote in the Bar elections this year. Or I can change the channel and watch another soap opera.

  4. 11


    Forman made her own bed. The Bar should make he lay in it. Wouldn’t there be Discovery, Depos, and in court testimony if they had a case? She’s made a mess alright.

    1. 8


      I bet once she gets a subpoena requiring for any type of testimony she will drop it, like she did in the so called domestic case.

        1. 0


          It will never happen. They’re worse then the feds. At least the feds won’t start something they aren’t willing to finish.

  5. 1


    If she loses or, if she wins, they can go after Jaab like they want to with no harm to the plaintiff.
    They will wait until the election.

  6. 13


    They’ve always played politics. No question about it. To make a decision absent political considerations would have been to dismiss it outright.

  7. 8


    Its embarrasing to practice here and the way they want to shoot the messenger instead of cleaning up and acting professional.

  8. 3


    If I hadn’t lost my life savings over the last few days in the market I would be outraged but as it is I’m only going to get drunk and cry myself to sleep.

  9. 5


    Seriously? Why isn’t Finkelstein in charge? This is a major thing. Finkelstein commands the respect of all South Florida. He has the media relations and public trust needed to assure the people. He has a track record of success. This doesn’t bode well. Help us Howard. For the love of all that’s Holy.

    1. 2






        1. 4


          I think I’m being outflanked. I know I’m outclassed.
          You gotta do something to run on your record. Right, Howie ?
          Better get your bus ticket now, Gordo.

        1. 5


          The judges have waited a long time to rid themselves of Finkelstein and have been shifting their individual political weight behind Lynch to make sure Finkelstein’s pet pimp doesn’t have a chance to win as Public Defender.
          After Lynch wins, the memory of Finkelstein and the supervisor case sliders will be eliminated until nothing remains of how poorly the office has been administered under Finkelstein and his paper pushing minions. They won’t be satisfied until Finkelstein is forgotten and his lack luster memory evaporates.
          There’s a feeling of defeat for Weekes already in the office and very little support within the ranks spelling his inevitable slide from favor and Finkelstein is of course nowhere to be seen as he sees the writing on the wall and wants to limit his association with the loser as he feels it reflects on his very limited influence in the campaign.
          All the supervisors should have been handling cases all along like everyone else. Not that that alone would have helped Weeks much but it makes for good talking points on behalf of Lynch as he continues to make inroads on his trail to victory.

          1. 1


            I believe we need Mr. Finkelstein more than ever before. The coming quarantines and shutdowns will present complex problems. It’s necessary for the tested leader of the 17th Circuit to come back to the fore to fix the problems before they become disastrous. If the Judicial Administration is left to battle the virus 19 issues there will be severe consequences. The history of Administrations bungling ways with the biggest bunch of JQC disasters and poor crisis management is the illustration of this point. Mr. Finkelstein is the man in charge in the public view and is the trusted leader to save us over the trying next few weeks or possibly months.

      1. 2


        Why don’t you sign your posts. Maybe you will get a disqual and get a different Judge. Like Scherer or Mccarthy.

    1. 9


      P. Backman and Howard Forman: are either going to keep Judge Diaz’s wife on if they win?
      Anyone know? Is upper management going to stay same?

      1. 1


        Hope they clean house in the Clerk’s Office. I’ve never seen a bigger mess under Forman. The other two choices aren’t much better.

  10. 7


    Why would confidentiality rules apply?
    Is the Bar’s lack of prosecution due to politics?
    The question as posed.
    The answer is either yes or no.
    What is confidential?
    If the Bar isn’t answering?

  11. 3


    I heard a rumor regarding some other Judge having a warm fireside chat possibly due to some bad advice.

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