SAO email update sent at 2:08 PM:

Good afternoon everyone. Chief Judge Tuter held a virtual meeting today with all the courthouse stakeholders and agencies to discuss the status of Phase 2 and the reopening of Broward Courthouses.

Since Broward County has not met the requirement of a 5% or under, positive testing measure for 14 days our courthouses must remain in Phase 2. We will continue with virtual hearings and no face-to-face contact in courtrooms. We don’t anticipate jury pools until sometime in 2021.

The SAO will continue with our alternating work schedules per your unit supervisors.

As things appear to be getting worse, it is imperative that you maintain social distancing, wear your mask, and frequently wash your hands. The wearing of a mask protects those around you and protects yourself. Also, please keep your family and co-workers in mind as you go out to places on the weekend. Large crowds, small spaces and other weekend events will increase your likelihood of exposure. If you are feeling ill, you should get tested and do not come into the office while you are waiting for the results.

Judge Tuter has ordered that anyone in the public areas of the courthouse without a mask is to be escorted from the building.

Our next meeting with the Chief Judge will be sometime in the first or second week of December.

Stay vigilant and safe everyone.