Rumors have been flying all week as to the possibility of Liz Scherer quitting the Broward circuit bench.

It all started Monday, after some good-natured comments in open court from Liz strongly hinting at bigger things to come in her future.

Given her recent media ubiquity, many speculated a departure could be media related, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Other rumors center on Scherer leaving for private practice at the family powerhouse firm of Conrad & Scherer, either locally or in the North Carolina office, nearer to where Liz’s equestrian passions are focused.

Accordingly, the following email was sent to Scherer and to her judicial assistant this morning. A similar email was also sent to Bill Scherer, managing partner of Conrad & Scherer. None of the emails have been answered as of the time of this post:

So there you have it.

Is there another circuit court vacancy on the horizon?