Florida Bar Grievance Committee C finally met yesterday to decide Brenda v. Blog matters left unresolved after the abandonment of the IP Address related issues, some 645 days after the Bar received Forman’s initial complaint.

The verdict: UNKNOWN!

From an email to the Bar’s PIO earlier today:

Grievance Committe C met yesterday … has no probable cause been found in this matter?

FLORIDA BAR RULE 3-7.1 CONFIDENTIALITY deems any such finding as “public information.”

Additionally, if probable cause or some other finding has been made, please indicate.

The response:

The case is still pending at the grievance committee so there is no public information available, only the status.

And from the follow-up email:

” … when are they meeting next on this matter please?

With the final response:

“That information is not available, only the case status.”


There you have it. After 21 months, and after the submission of exculpatory surveillance and phone video evidence, a criminal investigation into the complainant’s conduct, and Brenda’s disturbing recent meltdown, the Bar still can’t make up its mind!

Is a decision coming before or after the August 18th election?


The Florida Bar Zone (5/19)