Brenda v. Blog has attracted a lot of attention, and now a new guest author, Elihu Smalls. His post is an update on the ongoing search for two new federal judges.  As reported by the SDFLA Blog, Raag Singhal is a front-runner for one seat, while perennial government application-filler John Couriel is being talked about for the other.

Smalls’ post is more “R” than the usual JAABLOG fare, but the timing is perfect, given the unconfirmed rumor that the Bar’s 1st Amendment IP Address attack may be a trial balloon in line with Donald Trump’s desire to modify free speech when it concerns public figures. In any event, as always, anyone seeking to publish coherent and relevant articles on JAABLOG, or looking for equal time, can drop us a line.

And without further ado, here’s Mr. Smalls:

Can Jeb Bush loving candidate be your next Federal Judge?

Who is the next Federal Judge appointment?

Word is that Rubio, who President Donald Trump used to call “little” Marco, and the President have been close due to Rubio’s activity in the Senate. Due to that closeness, the President takes his recommendations seriously. 

So who is Marco Rubio’s rumored recommendation for a Federal Seat in the Southern District? John Couriel, a Miami Lawyer. 

The only problem? Well it seems that Marco Rubio thinks the White House will have a short term memory lapse.

John Couriel was also a leading applicant for the US Attorney position that was recently filled by the Honorable Ariana Fajardo.  

It’s been told that during that interview process, there was a discussion about Bush and Trump that could have cost Couriel the job. The fact Couriel wrote-in Bush’s name on the ballot in 2016 wasn’t missed either.

So now the question remains: will the President’s loyalty to Marco Rubio overshadow putting someone on the bench that was anti-Trump? Will the President’s ego let him kneel to the political power of Marco Rubio to appoint John Couriel?

This is going to be a HOT summer on the Federal Bench!

Elihu Smalls