The following email was reportedly sent from a remote location by Monica Hofheinz earlier this afternoon throughout the SAO regarding ongoing staffing issues during the crisis. Attorneys are able to work from home with the assistance of staff, so support employees have a ton of concerns going forward, just like in the other stakeholders’ offices.

The email:

Weeks ahead

We know many of you are asking about the weeks ahead due to the Chief Judge Tuter extending his Administrative Order closing the courthouse to the public and jurors through April 17th (for now).

We are formulating an amended plan for our staff and will inform everyone through email, ReadyOp and the office hotline (954-831-6191) as soon as we can.

The administrative leave option is in place through this week. We are reviewing our options under the new Federal legislation regarding paid sick leave.

In addition we are staying in communication with the Governor’s directives which could change everything.