Trial Court Administrator Kathy Pugh has, in a fashion, responded to our emailed requests from yesterday regarding the blocking of JAABLOG’s emails and JAABLOG hosting Night Court Live!

After we didn’t hear anything back for the bulk of today, the following email was sent to Jack Tuter, 17th Circuit PIO Meredith Bush, and to Pugh.

Email sent at 4:14 PM:

Good afternoon … can Court Administration arrange to have the Sun Sentinel, JAABLOG, or some other media outlet broadcast the emergency dockets for the duration of the closures?

Here’s the response from Pugh, who has joined Tuter and Bush on the JAABLOG blackout list:

And there you have it.

Apparently JAABLOG serves no legitimate purpose at all in the eyes of the 17th Circuit’s Judicial Administration …



If you have too much time on your hands, here’s a newspaper paywall go-around that works like a charm for news junkies.

Cookies are placed on your phone or computer when you read a free article on a newspaper website. That’s how they know to lock you out when you go back for another free read. Browsing in incognito or secret mode no longer works to get around the one-free-read paywall, as they can detect secret mode and block access to all content.

The answer is to delete cookies after the free read is used up, but to do it from a second newspaper reading-only browser so as not to inadvertently delete all your passwords and other information stored and saved for your go-to sites. It’s a pain to re-input all that stuff over and over again.

Google Canary is a great second browser to use for newspapers only, but any will do. Download it on your phone or computer, and go through the cookie cleaning process through the Clear History function as often as you like, pictured above. You can literally go back to the same newspaper seconds later for another free read after clearing the cookies, and it works for any newspaper except the Wall Street Journal and others like it that don’t allow any free reads at all.

And while we’re in time killing tip mode, try a little 5:00 PM concoction the scientists here at JAABLOG created some months back. It’s called The Medicine Ball. In a large pint glass, fill all the way with ice, add two parts vodka, one part 99 Bananas 99 proof banana schnapps, and fill with carbonated water. A splash of Drillaud Banana Liqueur is optional.

If you get the mixture just right, it tastes and kicks just like that ten year old bottle of prescription cough syrup your buddy liberated from the back of Grandma’s medicine cabinet way back in the crazy days …*

*Disclaimer The Medicine Ball does not ward off or cure Covid-19.


Tim Bailey is handling tonight’s episode of Night Court.

The docket is here.

It is unknown at this time why these dockets are not being posted on the 17th Circuit’s website, along with the daily posted First Appearances dockets.

We’ll ask Court Administrator Kathy Pugh when she gets back to us on questions regarding the blocking of emails to government officials’ accounts, and whether JAABLOG can host Night Court Live! in the absence of any other media outlet broadcast. We’re still waiting for the Supreme Court PIO to respond on the access to courts issue as well …