Cheryl Caracuzzo, January 4th, 2021 …

Should judges be required to wear masks while court is in session?

Should the 15th Circuit Administrative Judge for Criminal be setting an example by handling pleas and other matters without a mask?

Is strong pandemic safety messaging even more imperative in Palm Beach given both the Chief Judge and her husband, also a judge, have contracted Covid-19?


Gentleman Joe Marx wears a mask behind plexiglass in October before contracting Covid-19, and before the massive surge in positive cases …

PB PostCoronavirus: Jury trials delayed in 2021; Palm Beach County’s chief judge cites rise in cases (12/18)


Email sent at 5:42 PM:

Good Evening All,

Incoming State Attorney Harold Pryor is excited to be joining all of us, and he is ready to get to work. Congratulations to the Pryor Administration’s Unit Chiefs, Directors, and Supervisors:

APU: Joel Silvershein
ARC: Hanzi Clarke
CCU: Paul Valcore
DEU: Kalpesh Chotai
DTU: Denise Neuner
DVU: Stefanie Newman
ECU: Kathryn Heaven
FCF: Staci Direnzo
FTU: Michael Horowitz
Grant Writer: Angela Rodriguez
HTU: Shari Tate
INV: Michael O’Connor
ITU: Co-Directors George Borges and Mitch Zymros
JUV: Gloria Moschella
MTC: Margaret Carpenter
PLU: Liliana Ludenas
Public Information Officer: Paula McMahon
RCU: Scott Gebert
SAP: Carolyn McCann
SBU/Human Trafficking/EAU: Neva Rainford-Smith
SPU: Christopher Killoran
THU: Ross Weiner
TRU: Tania Williams
VAU: Nancy Tanner
WLU: Andrea Griffiths
Deputy Chief Assistant State Attorney: Neva Rainford-Smith
Executive Director: Sarahnell Murphy
Deputy Executive Director: Renata Annati
Senior Advisor: Sean Phillippi

The following people will not be retained. We thank them for their service.

Kathleen Abrahamsen
Arthur T. Daus
Timothy Donnelly
Michael S. Julian
W. Anthony Loe
Andrew Newman
Andrew A. Schafer
David Stewart
Alex J. Urruela


Gina Faulk
Chief Assistant State Attorney

BrowardBeat – Don’t Blame Consultants For Demo’s Loss


Dec 31st … Satz name comes down after 44 years.

Harold Pryor, to be sworn in tomorrow, has reportedly decided on the following current prosecutors to head the various units at the SAO. It will be up to these folks to implement the criminal justice reforms Harold has promised. Keep in mind, the list has not been confirmed, but the changes have been rumored for some time:

Gina Faulk – #2;

Neva Smith – #3, retains head of SBU;

Mike Horowitz – head of FTU;

Catherine Maus, Sr. Supervisor FTU;

Gloria Moschella – head of Juvenile;

Chris Killoran – head of SPU;

Margaret Carpenter – head of County;

Paul Valcore – head of CCU;

Staci Direnzo – head of Felony Case Filing;

The following current chiefs of units are believed to retain their positions:

Shari Tate – head of HTU;

Denise Neuner – head of DTU;

Stefanie Newman – head of DVU;

Kathy Heaven – head of ECU.

In other news, some senior ASA’s are being terminated as this post is being written …

SS- Broward has a new top prosecutor today, bringing a shake-up for ‘prudent reform’ (1/5)