We’re told the Public Defender’s Office (PDO) is busy preparing mass recusal motions regarding Liz Scherer, as they successfully did years ago with Barry Goldstein concerning his handling of VOPs, and as the State Attorney’s Office (SAO) did regarding John Contini, ultimately forcing his transfer out of the criminal division.

In the meantime, we sent the following email at 1:17 PM today to the SAO, hoping to get feedback on Harold Pryor’s position:

(B)ased upon FACDL’s concerns, does Mr. Pryor believe it is appropriate for Judge Scherer to remain in the criminal division?

SAO response at 1:32 PM:

We don’t have any comment.

Lastly, BACDL President Lindsay Lawrence Chase has sent the following letter to Jack Tuter, asking him to “take swift action to guarantee Judge Scherer is not able to prejudice Defendant’s appearing in front of her in the future … “