The SAO’s Drug Trafficking Unit just dismissed the Sunrise case against Blake Larocca.  Obviously, they chose to drop a major cocaine haul instead of complying with Bernie Bober’s order to disclose the CI responsible for luring many suspects into Sunrise’s jurisdiction.  What this means for other cases remains to be seen, but congrats are now in order to Kevin Kulik, Eddie Kay, and Mickey Rocque, who first exposed Sunrise’s shenanigans right here on JAABLOG many moons ago  …

SS: Prosecutors drop drug charges to protect Sunrise police informant

115 thoughts on “NOLLE PROSSE!”

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    The SAO’s Drug Trafficking Unit basically rubber stamped Sunrise and their crimes. As a citizen of Broward I am fucking outraged.

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    Kulik still trying to play judge maker? He better hope his chances increase judging from his past experience. Give it up and practice law instead and hope you have better luck.

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