1.) GOLD WATCH TIME – make sure to drop by the North Wing 7th Floor conference room FRIDAY, February 28th, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM, to say bon voyage to Denise Goodsmith.  After more than eleven years working with Andy Siegel, and a couple more decades JA’ing before that, Denise is calling it quits.  A hearty well done, but not without a bit of sadness.  As any lawyer or staffer will tell you, it was always a pleasure dealing with a team player like Denise.  Congrats!; 2.) Coming Soon – senior judge Fred Berman?; 3.) Who knew?  A young Buddy Nevins with a circa 1966 Keith Richards.  Before BrowardBeat.com, and before the Sun Sentinel, there was Teen Life Magazine, and a largely unseen stash of photos of Buddy with leaders of the 1960’s cultural renaissance; 4.) Mitch Polay and accused Dunkin’ Donuts killer James Herard.  This was shortly after Kevin Kulik pulled rank.  Herard is pushing Polay to continue voir dire with a new penalty phase lawyer, while Mitch knows better …

Coming SoonRandy Tundidor v. Imperato update; Dear Mr. Pettis & Chief Adderley; Lowly judges not invited to Topping Ceremony …

SS: Tonya Alanez goes to Pakistan

Herald: Tampa lawmaker tackles issue of DL Drug suspensions

PB Post – Marni Bryson’s tough talk

SS: 4th DCA in the house

Gainesville Sun – JQC opens up on Andy Decker

JQC Decker documents

Bob Norman video starring Norm Kent

Bob Norman video starring Eric Rudenberg & Mike Glasser

Grimm – Broward PDO v. DJJ

Building the perfect beast …

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    Berman and Fry good news. Now cases will move in County. Bring Judge Richards back and move the zombies to Satellites and County won’t be a black hole of inefficiency any longer.

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    About time you print a positive story about Bryson. Funny you reported that Bryson has been served on the bench what in fact Shelton never bothered to serve her and her attorney went along with it. Bar complaint anyone? Bill, you should admit you got it wrong – but maybe you can’t because perhaps you were part of it?

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    Bryson is a badass. About time someone called those people out. Asking for 70 grand to run a race? What’s Shelton getting paid working for Judge Daliah Weiss? Bet my car it’s not half that. And why would Weiss hire someone like that? Maybe ask Marty. Pull the thread Bill. There’s a story there.

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    McCarty and Shelton have been pulling this kind of crap since they tried to take out the State Supremes with Take Back Our Judiciary. Google it. Why would anyone let Shelton near a judicial anything with that background is beyond belief.

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    “Prominent campaign consultant Rebecca Shelton”? What a joke. Bill, you got used. She’s a loser who can’t win a real race to save her skin. Dalia, you better hope you don’t get an opponent or you’re toast with Shelton running the show.

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    Why would a judge want to be anywhere near Rebecca now that she’s apparently so close to a public corruption felon like McCarty? Colin? French? Weiss? Upholding the law is an all the time thing, not just when you’re on the bench.

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    Every time politics raises it’s ugly head, particularly when it involves crappy judges in Old Broward, A-Turd’s got his big mouthful to add. Too bad nobody cares what he has to say. Always trying to run any campaign as long as he gets a few donuts out of it. I guess everybody has to eat, right, Turd?

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    Alanez belongs in Pakistan. With the chit she’s looked the other way on in Corrupt Broward Courts, she can’t do any worse wearing a berka.

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